-Self released first single ‘Love Is Cold’ featured on Apple Music Rock Playlists: The A List: Rock, Breaking Rock, The New Rock

-Performed on JBTV Live in Chicago

-Support + spins from Shawn @ KILO in CO Springs, Critter @ TAO in Carbondale, IL, Mike Heidemann @ WGN wants them in for live performance.


“… a 'take no prisoners' approach as they come right at you with their hard rocking sound, delivering songs that will leave a permanent impression on your ears." - Indie Voice Blog

“… good ol’ gritty air-guitar-worthy rock and roll” -

“… dominates and imprints with its blistering guitar riffs and storming drum beat"

(on 'WTF') “… thundering three-minutes of gritty rock 'n roll as one indestructible riff follows after another" - BARRYGRUFF

"...saturated with the kind of basic rock and roll meets garage rock meets blues rock meets psychotropic drugs that makes teenagers head-bang in whatever decade they exist in.” - American Pancake

"Animal Waves carries the whiskey infused torch" - American Pancake

NME - Emerging Artist

102.7 WSNR - Thunder Underground feature aired in its entirety

Indie Voice Blog - EP1 review in 'Get It Or Forget It’ feature

Music Connection - Studio photo featured in “Studio Mix” sec of Nov. print issue

Music Madness Magazine - Feature

Thunder Underground - Podcast feature

New Noise - Premiered Zeppelin/Petty mash-up live performance video


  Animal Waves was born out of the creative collaboration of Robert Davis and Nathaniel Cox.  Hailing from Carbondale, IL, a town that is rich with it’s own musical history bordering on cult status, Robert had the blues and rock & roll hurled at his ears from an early age.  Carbondale being a college town (Southern Illinois University) there was no shortage of shows to which his parents regularly took him, leaving an indelible musical spark.  Soon after the urge to emulate what he was seeing/ experiencing took hold and his parents gladly encouraged the pursuit.  The moment a guitar landed in his hands (age 11) he was immediately hooked and never looked back.  


At 15, Robert and some friends from the Carbondale area formed a group that quickly gained attention.  In just over a year, they were fielding offers from majors and ultimately signed to Sony.  At 17, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles with the wind at his back.  But after one album cycle, that included touring with the likes of Pearl Jam and Evanecense, and unable to agree on the subsequent musical direction, creative differences settled in and they decided to move on.   Soon after Robert sought out studio session work and touring opportunities including time with heroes like Slash, Marc Ford, Waddy Wachtel, Eric Gales and an energetic three year stint with Lauryn Hill.  Despite enjoying the time spent earning his stripes, Robert couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to truly express his own voice, literally and creatively.  A body of work that is an exact expression of his personal tastes and attitudes.  


Coming off the road, Robert was looking for the space and time to focus on writing and crafting what would ultimately end up being enough material for two full length albums.  A friend offered up his cabin in Crestline, CA in the mountains outside Los Angeles that provided the perfect respite for the work to unfold. Teaming up with longtime friend, collaborator and prolific songwriter Nathaniel Cox, together they crafted a batch of fuzzed out, straight ahead rock tunes that have something to say about the state of affairs of the people "without forgetting how to party”.  The years spent in the studio paid off when it came time to record.  Robert recorded and mixed the first single and EP.  


When Robert performs he becomes completely consumed by the music, taking him to another place entirely, perhaps drawing from the spirit and energy of his ancestors (he has Cherokee blood on both sides of his family).  And although Robert feels like a seasoned performer in many ways, stepping behind the mic for the first time in his life has presented a fresh learning curve, instilling a renewed and elevated sense of excitement and energy. Growing up in the back yard of the Trail of Tears has taught Robert history is never too far behind and there is no better time to sing out than now.